Great Refington Wildfire Disaster Relief

The Bloodgood Foundation’s inaugural philanthropic initiative was formed to help the relief efforts in the aftermath of the Great Refington Wildfire. Through legal advocacy for greater environmental protections, the creation of the Refington Wildlife Fund, and tree replanting efforts, The Bloodgood Foundation is committed to restoring Refington’s ecosystem.

Technical Education Outreach

As the nation shifts into a service-based economy, The Bloodgood Foundation remains committed to supporting students as they develop the crucial hands-on skills that society will need when late-stage capitalism ultimately collapses.

Property Rights in Developing Nations

In developing nations, people hold most of their savings — their wealth — in their homes; however, weak property rights render the bulk of these savings illiquid. With the estimated worth of these frozen assets well above $10 trillion, The Bloodgood Foundation has partnered with governments in developing nations to modernize their land registry systems in efforts to reduce inequity.

Notre Dame Rebuild

The Bloodgood Foundation has partnered with Franck Riester, Minister of Culture, to launch an international architecture competition in the wake of the fire that devastated the iconic Notre Dame cathedral.

Accidental Death Awareness

Although there are many foundations committed to raising awareness and research dollars for preventable diseases, few focus on the very real problem of accidental work-place deaths.  Killing more people each year that benign prostatic hyperplasia and Leishmaniasis combined, it is time for accidental deaths to receive awareness commensurate with the pain they inflict on their victims.

Jumping Bean Repatriation Society

Fighting against the oppression and unethical treatment of the moth family Cydia deshaisiana as they are cruelly enslaved in “Mexican jumping beans”, the Bloodgood Foundation has dedicated years to freeing these rare moths and releasing them back into the wild.

Human Rights Approach to AI Governance

As AI technology continues to advance, humanity has a moral and ethical obligation to establish rules and norms for AI governance.  The Bloodgood Foundation is committed to tackling the legal obligations we have as a society.  The Foundation has established laws for AI governance grounded in human rights.  By using a human rights legal framework, we are able to: tap into an established, global construct that is widely acknowledged by governments, business, and civil society; provide a legal basis for specific regulation in a way that ethical frameworks do not, and establish procedures and norms for assessing the human rights impact of business operations and remediating harm. 

What people are saying

The best part of how they’ll put the phones in our heads is that when the seawaters all rise, the phone will be the last part of us to get wet.

― The New York Times

Although most economists agree that secure property rights contribute fundamentally to economic growth and broad-based prosperity, more than a billion households in poor countries still live without secure, documented, publicly registered, and tradeable rights to their homes.

― Forbes

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